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Why International Women’s Day is important to Gerrard International female founders

We asked our female brand founders why they thought it was important to recognise and celebrate International Women’s Day, here is what they said.

“International Women’s Day creates a bond between like- minded women and it also gives motivation for those women who feel they would like to achieve but do not have the confidence or means to do so.  The sky is the limit for all of us!!” Susan Gerrard, Gerrard International, Chairwoman and Mii founder.

“I think it’s really important to shine a spotlight on the success and achievements of women to provide encouragement and positive role models for young girls and young women to aspire to. Despite progress in the right direction, recent world events like the Covid-19 pandemic has set women back and we are not near achieving gender equality in the UK. For example, even pre-pandemic, only 1 in 3 UK entrepreneurs were female – a gender gap equivalent to 1.1 million missing businesses (1). We have to push women up as hard as we can and amplify their voices. This is what International Women’s Day is for – celebration, unity, support, advocacy and action.” Lucy Palmer, founder, Hair Gain

“Women around the world have contributed so much to their families, careers and life in general. Tirelessly, they have helped to keep things together even through wars, economic hardships, sickness and tragedies. Not to mention the women who have achieved great scientific and medical findings as well as those who have fought along their fellow country men and stood up for what they believed in. We are a strong group often thought of as soft and weak but have proved this not to be true. Recognizing women around the world is key to the future of humanity.” Elaine Binder, founder, Spongellé

“Women have come a long way. We are proud, hardworking and deserve a day to celebrate all women.” Nadia Shamsi, daughter of Jessica Vartoughian founder of Jessica nails

Gerrard International is proud to support all our female founders and all of the amazing women within the industry we get to work with, as well as training the next generation of beauty therapists through the Susan Gerrard Beauty Academy.

Our chosen charities and organisations for this year:

tpot (the power of touch)
Future Dreams
Refuge for women and children. Against domestic violence.
Beauty Banks

Next week, as part of our female founders series, an interview with Gerrard International chairwoman, and Mii founder Susan Gerrard.


(1) Rose review of female entrepreneurship, HM Treasury 2019


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