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Jessica & Mii Cosmetics at Celtic Manor Resort’s unique Champagne & Beauty Bar

Last year South Wales’ luxury 5* travel destination, the Celtic Manor Resort unveiled a unique Champagne & Beauty Bar offering both Jessica and Mii – and has been enjoying a fizz of attention ever since.

celtic manor

With its cool contemporary vibe and ‘List List’ treatment menu, offered against a backdrop of cocktails, champagne and ambient music, the space is a stylish and sophisticated twist on a modern beauty salon. This new development to the leading resort invites guests to sit and sip while enjoying some heavenly pampering, whether it be to unburden the brows or lengthen the lashes, alongside manicures, pedicures and make-up. The space is also available for private hire with the exclusive ‘Luxe Lock In’ package – ideal for Hen Parties, Baby Showers or Girlie Get-togethers.

Celtic Manor Resort Director of Spa and Leisure, Marieke Teagle said: “Guests can take their pick from a decadent range of treatments on our Lust List and sip a selection of tantalising tipples from our drinks menu. Our expert team of pros will tackle untamed brows, lengthen lashes, and maser makeup to leave guests looking and feeling gorgeous.”

Cm Champagne Beauty Bar celtic manor

Manicures and pedicures are a signature treatment for Celtic Manor Resort’s all-new Champagne & Beauty Bar. Marieke explains: “We offer everything from signature champagne manicures and pedicures, finished with either Jessica Phenom (a power polish manicure that gives nails a high-gloss, gel-like shine that dries naturally in daylight) or GELeration – all the beauty of Jessica but in a unique gel formula.

The bar’s beauty offering is boosted by the inclusion of Mii Cosmetics and Brow by Mii. Marieke shares her passion for the products: “Having worked with luxury beauty brands spanning my career in the industry, I instantly fell in love with Mii. With skin loving formulas, thirteen tailored brushes as well as a 100% pure mineral line, Mii has set its sights on ensuring that you are filled with the confidence that every make-up decision will be the right one.

“Their passion, commitment and enthusiasm make Gerrard International a pleasure to work alongside. Gerrard International is a family affair, right to its core… it stands head and shoulders above its competitors. Susan personally chose the selection of fabrics and materials to be used for the bespoke furniture and we talked through all the proposed treatments together.”

Susan Gerrard, chairman of Gerrard International, adds: “It has been a pleasure working with Celtic Manor on the Champagne & Beauty Bar – it’s a wonderful showcase for our brands.”



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