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Nail Care 101

During the colder months it’s easy to forget about our hands when they’re hidden away inside gloves, but the harsh weather and indoor heating can all contribute to dry, chapped skin and cuticles. So to keep your hands and nails at their mid-summer best, follow these simple steps:

Cuticle care is a must all year round, but especially during the colder months. Phenomen Oil provides an intense hit of moisture with jojoba, almond and rice oils. Massage into cuticles at night and sleep your way to beautiful skin. Phenomen Oil can also be used on any dry areas such as knees, elbows and lips – a real dry skin saviour!

Keep cuticles soft and supple with Nourish. Just a small amount will go a long way. The pure blend of antioxidant vitamins, zinc (to shrink cuticles) and healing agents melt into the skin, leaving it beautifully soft. Keep a small tube in your handbag or at your desk, and massage in throughout the day to stimulate circulation.


Diy treatment:

Soak a towel in warm water before wringing out. Apply a generous amount of cuticle oil and Hand and Body Moisturising Emulsion before wrapping your hands up to your wrist in cling film, then wrap around the warmed towel. Relax for 10 minutes. The heat from the towel will help to open pores so the products can be absorbed easily. Remove the towel and cling film, then massage in any remaining product.

Poor circulation in the cold weather leads to slower cell renewal and skin becomes drier and duller. Lightly massage LeRemedi HandSilk Exfoliare into hands to slough off dead skin cells, before rinsing off. The unique blend of vegetable and fruit extract will reveal softer, smoother skin. For extra softness apply LeRemedi HandRenew Liposomes over the top to seal in moisture.

Lack of moisture can cause nails to break so to prevent breakage and to offer extra strength and protection, keep nails covered daily with a base coat. Using the correct base coat will restore the essential balance of moisture and flexibility, and help nails grow long, strong and beautiful. Take a look at our Nail Analysis to find the right base coat for your nail type.

For the ultimate pampering treat, try the Jessica Deluxe Manicure. With heated mittens – which not only feel divine, but help products to penetrate the skin more deeply and to improve circulation – this treatment makes a perfect Christmas gift. To book yours, or to buy a gift voucher for a loved one, click here to find your nearest Jessica spa or salon.


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